HOPU is an innovation company of IoT solutions and Smart Cities.

Short description: HOPU has two different working areas, such as the office, the laboratory and the manufactor area with 36 employees at the company. Members of the same team work together in the same area, witch it is extremely important to detect COVID cases to avoid contagion to the rest of the staff.

Needs to be solved: Each team (software, hardware, communication, etc) has its own working area, that helps to avoid contact but as members of the same company who work together, there are many moment where they share common areas, also as meetings.

Domain: Industry [I] and office (O)

Location: Ceutí, SPA

Number of Mohmo: 40

Number of gateway: 1

Letter of intent of the organisation adopting proximate (mandatory): Member of the

Date of start pilot: 7/12/2020