High school in Spain

Short description: Two diferent high schools in the Region of Murcia, one at the city of Murcia (capital of the Region) and another at the city of Cartagena (2nd biggest city of the Region) will participate in the pilot. 2-3 diferent classes of each high school and their teachers Will participate in the proyect. In total, more tan 160 students and 40 teachers will cary a mohmo during the pilot. Needs to be solved: Amoung the organisation by the educational autorities to make students keep social distance, it is very dificult because of classroms size and timetables of begining and finish of the lessions. Also, as young students they have intens social life.

Domain: school [E]

Location: Murcia and Cartagena, SPA

Number of Mohmo: 200

Number of gateway: 2

Letter of intent of the organisation adopting proximate (mandatory): aproved, pending for letter

Date of start pilot: 7/12/2020