Villa Gentile Athletic Stadium

Short description: Villa Gentile os the athletic Stadium of the Municipality of Genoa. It counts over 100.000 access by athlets per year on more than 60.000 presence of students per year. There are more than 15 athletic clubs using the facilities of Villa Gentile. The stadium is the only one in the metropolitan area offering all the facilities for track and fields: 400m running track six lanes, twice long jump, twice high jump, twice pole jumpe, twice shot put circle, javelin, discus and hammer thrown.

Needs to be solved: the access to the stadium is organized by each club on their own (not like swimming pool or footbal facilities). Athelets and coaches get to Villa Gentile at certain time, have the COVID check-in and go to the facilities. In the rush hour (6-8pm) to kepp social distancing is very challenging thus Proximate can protect all the person.

Domain: sport [S]

Location: Genoa, ITA

Number of Mohmo: 200

Number of gateway: 1

Letter of intent of the organisation adopting proximate (mandatory): done

Date of start pilot: 15/12/2020